”Unbeatable performance! Gao’s blend of emotion and technique, strength and subtlety was a pleasure to witness.”

      —The Washington Post

   “Gao is effortlessly lyrical, this young Chinese virtuoso’s arching phrases and velvety tone exactly fit the music. Such Beautiful playing!”

      —The Detroit News & Free Press

  “ Brilliant violinist and a dazzling performance! At quite a daring tempo, the flitting, fluttering finale (Saint Saens concerto #3) was dispatched with succulent tone and effortless assurance. But there was no lack of feeling in the concerto’s more soulful stretches, with singing, soaring lines to take your breath away.”

      —The Kansas City Star

  “ Playing without a hint of showiness, Gao polished a diamond with delicate phrasing, such as the way one momentarily pauses for the cadence of poetry or the subtlety of a sustained pure tone before vibrato dresses it up. It was exquisite, brilliant playing that was much like chamber music than it was a concerto (Mozart #4 i)”

      —The Knoxville News


xiang gao 高翔


violinist, keyboardist, singer-songwriter, composer and concert producer